How it works:

1.Answer questions & be matched. 2.Go on video date. 3.Review the date.

The countdown screen

When the countdown finishes, anyone who has the app open, the computer will try to find them a match. The matches are arranged based on the answers chosen and who is available. There are several hundreds of questions. You do not need to answer all the questions. That said, the more questions you answer the more there is to match you on, and the more likely you will have a date.

3,2,1... The Video Date

3,2,1... the timer ends and the computer automatically tries to match you. If there is a match available, there is a brief intro about the person. No pictures are seen in advance. If the person you are set up with is not for you, please be courteous and stay on until the 5 minutes end Attendance fluctuates daily. DATES ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

Giving a "Yes" or "No" and a review

If after the 5 min Video date, there is a mutual "yes", next time would be for 10 min, 3rd dates 15 min, etc. Live matchmakers will be available to assist meeting in person.

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When do the dates occur?

On a set schedule. EST times: Sunday - 2:30pm, Mon & Thur - 5:30pm, Tues & Wed - 9:30pm. The system coordinates dates only at these set scheduled times. A person can go on a date with one person maximum per day. If there is no relevant match available for that day. A "priority matching pass" is awarded for the next time they are logged in.

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What is the date like?

It is a face to face video call that automatically ends after 5 min. It is enough time to know simply if it would have been nice to have a 6th min. After the date, if they would like to see the other again; if they both give a "Yes", next time they will have an added 5 minutes." Second dates are 10 min, Third dates are 15 min, etc.

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How are people verified?

Several questions need to be answered to activate the profile. As well we look into each person more in-depth. Additionally, all videos are recorded for quality assurance. If someone acts inappropriately, please flag. We review and we send it to authorities.

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Is there a charge for the service?

7 day free then $18 per month. It is billed automatically through each person's in-built Apple App Store or Android Google Play. For full Shadchan services, though non-mandatory, it is customary to give around $1-2 thousand per side.